Designer Wooden Furniture 

Designer Wooden Furniture Collection

Mountain Teak provides wide range of Eco friendly teak wood furniture and designer furniture in Singapore. Among our range of products is the exclusive Designer Collection which has been created and designed using first class techniques ensuring quality and durability at all times. (Please check out different collections such as Twist, Vintage, Experience, and Module in separate pages)

Using the highest grade of certified solid reclaimed teak, while applying new technologies and designed with minimal and contemporary style, our new designer teak furniture collection reveals its clean proportions with stylish simplicity and re-defines the beauty of quality furniture that can stand the test of time.
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  • Twist Collection
    Twist Collection

    Teak Furniture

    With its clean-cut curves and well-designed proportions, the Twist Collection by KARPENTER is a mixture of Scandinavian mid-century influences and the simplicity of Japanese minimalist designs. Sleek, warm and with a hint of modernity, it is a pleasant sight to come home to.

  • Vintage Collection
    Vintage Collection

    Teak Furniture

    Drawing inspiration from clean lines and gentle angles of classic Scandinavian furniture of the 1950s and 60s, the Vintage Collection by KARPENTER gives a light and uncluttered feel to any room. Choose from various timber options: 100% solid FSC-certified Reclaimed Teak, American Black Walnut or European White Oak.

  • Circa Collection
    Circa Collection

    The Circa17 collection is characterized by its nicely rounded curves and ability to make the most out of the least. Its functional designs make it extremely suitable for tight spaces, the pieces fit perfectly side by side and rests well on vertical surfaces.

  • SimplyCity Collection
    SimplyCity Collection

    Teak Furniture

    Urban living makes use of vertical space and demands the ability to climb up high while never losing sight of what's important in life. SimplyCity is inspired by space - life balance - using the ladder as a playful and elegant metaphor. These simple, fun and chic ladder shelves are available in various timber options: 100% solid Reclaimed Teak that is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, American Black Walnut and European White Oak.

  • K/Desk Collection
    K/Desk Collection

    Teak Furniture

    The K/Desk Collection by KARPENTER draws inspiration from the clean lines and soft angles furniture of the 1950s and 60s, as well as the inlaid desk which was popular in the baroque era. Combining a desk and storage space with its multiple drawers and compartments perfect for storing the owner’s tools, the K/Desk is not only practical but also an inspiring space for one to generate new ideas. Available in 100% solid Reclaimed Teak, American Black Walnut and European Oak.

  • Tribute Collection
    Tribute Collection

    ”Visionary minds lead to progression“

    They dare to give us something out of the ordinary. Tribute by KARPENTER pays homage to designers before us, who have changed our dreams from straight lines to angles, from black and white to colours. Distinctive angular features make this collection a timeless yet charming addition to your home. 

  • Bebop Collection
    Bebop Collection

    Small and compact, the Bebop Series by KARPENTER is ideal for homes with space constraints. Textured FSC-certified recycled teak wood paired with powder-coated iron mesh sliding doors and legs,  this industrial-chic collection can serve two functions in one - as a storage unit or room divider. Each piece is no thicker than 35cm can be used both sides. 

  • Brooklyn Collection
    Brooklyn Collection

    Brooklyn French Touch

    With a new French Polish made from female lac bugs, the Brooklyn French Touch collection by KARPENTER is built with various species of FSC-certified recycled hard wood, with the natural texture of the wood retained to remind the owner that each piece has a history. The finish is made from several coatings of Shellac, also used in nail polish and is 100% organic.

  • Play Module
    Play Module

    Teak Furniture

    With sleek elegance and fine wooden surfaces, Play by KARPENTER invites natural beauty to a home. The collection speaks of the owner's love for simple and stylish lines, and of a longing for simple and free living. Each piece is made to be practical and easily positioned in any room. PLAY is available in three designs: Open Compartment Chest, Drawer or Flip Door.

  • Atelier K Collection
    Atelier K Collection

    Industrial Teak Furniture

    For the modern citysider - The Atelier K storage series by KARPENTER is all about versatility. Various configuration choices provide extra storage space according to your needs while its lockable wheels give you the flexibility to manoeuvre them easily. Neutral-toned frames paired with FSC-certified reclaimed wood keep this collection timeless-chic for the years to come.

    Note: Atelier K is built with different species of reclaimed timber. You may find nail holes and marks on the wood surface. Actual colour and texture may vary from the images.

  • Roadie Collection
    Roadie Collection

    Teak Furniture

    For the laidback individual: The Roadie Series by KARPENTER is inspired by storage cases that are used by travelling musicians on tour. Built with FSC-certified solid reclaimed timber that is kept in its natural state and lined with aluminium frames, each piece is also easy to manouvre with its lockable wheels in an eye-catching tone of orange.

  • Chillax Collection
    Chillax Collection

    Designer Teak Furniture

    Sit back and Chillax on these luxe range of lounge chairs by KARPENTER Let its clean lines, gentle curves and premium leather seats take the stress away from your mind for a moment. Chillax is available in American Black Walnut, European Oak or FSC-certified reclaimed teak. Choose from various colours for the leather upholstery.

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