• Mountain Teak
    Mountain Teak
    Mountain Teak Furniture Singapore

    Gift of Nature

    Natural holes, knots and texture are preserved on the solid teak wood surfaces of the Mountain Collection to remind us of the inimitable beauty that only nature can offer. Each of Mountain's creation is one of a kind - such is the beauty of nature. The wood tones and characteristics such as texture, knots and holes may vary from the images.

  • Square Roots
    Square Roots
    Mountain Teak Furniture Singapore

    Oak in its Organic form

    Square Roots uses sustainably-sourced French Oak obtained from PEFC®-certified (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) mills in Burgundy, France. Many designs feature live-edge solid oak slabs (a design that is typically crafted with suar, cherry or maple wood in the market) – simple and light - showcasing the organic spirit and remarkable personality of the tree. The finishes have been developed from years of experimentation at the factory or come from old recipes handed down by antique restorers. They range from: seared, fumed or simply, raw. Each piece is finally coated with hard-wearing vegetable-based finishing oil to give it a natural look.

  • Mid-Century Retro
    Mid-Century Retro
  • Mountain Living
    Mountain Living
    Mountain Teak Furniture Singapore
  • Designer Wooden Furniture
    Designer Wooden Furniture

    Designer Wooden Furniture Collection

    Mountain Teak provides wide range of Eco friendly teak wood furniture and designer furniture in Singapore. Among our range of products is the exclusive Designer Collection which has been created and designed using first class techniques ensuring quality and durability at all times. (Please check out different collections such as Twist, Vintage, Experience, and Module in separate pages)

    Using the highest grade of certified solid reclaimed teak, while applying new technologies and designed with minimal and contemporary style, our new designer teak furniture collection reveals its clean proportions with stylish simplicity and re-defines the beauty of quality furniture that can stand the test of time.
    Get Designer Furniture in Singapore here.

  • White Lofty | Oak
    White Lofty | Oak
    Mountain Teak Furniture Singapore

    Refined Practicality

    A private collection of Mountain Teak, the White Lofty storage series exemplifies practicality in its most refined form. Neutral tones complement the well-defined clean lines with the pairing of natural European White Oak and brushed stainless steel, displaying a perfect harmony of simplicity in form and emphasis of functionality.

  • Nørman | Nordic Sofa
    Nørman | Nordic Sofa
  • Origami | Oak
    Origami | Oak
    Mountain Teak Furniture Singapore

    FUN & LOUD 
    This Range is inspired by the times where furniture was made to last and passed on to your children and grandchildren. Mr. Marius loves to combine the character of solid wood with retro design and colors.

    The first collection is full of poetry and humor, like a tribute to his childhood memories.

    An inviting table, a welcoming desk, a sideboard with exquisite design... His spirit runs through the entire collection. What Mr. Marius strives for is sharing his taste for beautiful objects, those that follow us through life, never aging, ever lasting.

  • Purolatex Latex Mattress
    Purolatex Latex Mattress

    A good night's sleep is vital for one's well-being. The type of mattress you use can affect the quality of your sleep.

    Purolatex offers premium quality 100% natural latex mattresses and pillows that have been tested and comply with international standards laid out by independent, renowned institutions.

    Purolatex products are made in Italy. 100% natural latex products are resistant to mold and mildew and are hypo-allergenic, making it perfect for people with allergies, sensitive skin or respiratory ailments. Natural latex has open cell structure made up of millions of tiny interconnecting microscopic cells which promotes constant air and moisture circulation, which is essential for a cool and healthy sleeping environment. Dust mites - which thrive in most mattresses and pillows - avoid latex as the holes in them serve as ventilation, keeping the humidity level lower than that the mites prefer. This helps if you suffer from allergies or asthma.

    What's more, Purolatex shows you what's inside your mattress and allows you to unzip and wash the mattress cover with ease.

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