Brand Story - SERAX

In 1987, brothers Axel and Serge Van den Bossche decided to take over their mother’s business under the name of Serax. What started with a series of flower pots soon grew into an extensive range of decorative articles. In the early nineties the management team was strengthened with the arrival of Frank Lambert and the business moved to Kontich.

Today, the Serax collection includes no less than 4,000 interior objects, ranging from original glassware to elegant dinnerware and tealight candles.

Since 1987, Serax has been at the forefront of European product design.  By partnering with established as well as up-and-coming designers from Belgium and across Europe, Serax is continually developing new products that are both innovative and affordable.  This is how they are able to continually deliver the freshest trends in interior design, the floral/garden industry, and the hospitality sector.

Serax 品牌故事

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