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About Mountain Teak: Singapore's Designer Teak Furniture Store

Mountain Teak was founded in 2011, carrying several well known European solid wood furniture brands that feature minimal designs. We take pride in selecting thoughtfully-made furniture of premium quality and skilled craftsmanship, while minimizing the negative impacts on Mother Nature.

The family of brands that we carry do not use lacquers, and hence are VOC-free, so they do not pose any harm to the owner as well as the environment. Each piece is genuinely designed and manufactured with stringent quality control process. From the selection of timber to sanding of final products, each single step is taken good care of to make sure there’s no compromise in quality. Most of our furniture (mainly the teak wood items) is certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).

That is something we hope to bring to you - furniture that is timeless and worth to keep; that is truly a part of the home you have built for yourself and future generations. Something that will gradually mold into your lifestyle and become something that is truly personal to you.

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